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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide FREE resources for high school student-athletes in overlooked school districts, based on the federal government title 1 allocations. Our resources include mentoring/college organizational skills, strength and conditioning, and tutoring/college prep (YSG Movements and Studies). We want all high school athletes to have an opportunity to earn a free college education based on their hard work and dedication. 

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General Information

Resources ($240 a month YSG Movement/Studies includes 16 YSG Movement and 4 YSG Studies per month)

YSG Movement

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YSG Studies

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About Us

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Get Smarter. Get Faster.

Get Stronger.

Our mission

We provide free resources to high school student-athletes in overlooked school districts.


We want to see more student-athletes in the NYS capital district play college sports on scholarship.

But in some school districts, it’s harder for student-athletes to secure adequate athletic/academic resources during their most vital developmental years


We offer two services: Tutoring and Strength Training. If a student-athlete attends school in one of YSG’s target school districts, all services are free. We also train paid student-athletes from any non-target district.


To find out if you attend school in a district that qualifies for free services, go to and type the name of your district into the search bar. If the accountability status of your school is “target district,” then our services are free of charge.



Weekly, 1-on-1 tutoring appointments offered online and at multiple Albany Public Library locations.

Strength & Conditioning

Workouts are year round, multiple days per week offered at various locations in Albany. Focus on strength, agility, speed, injury prevention.

Our services will increase your chances of playing college sports.

Get Involved.

Willing to donate time? Send us an email or DM on Facebook / Instagram – we need tutors and strength coaches in Albany. Set your own schedule.

(518) 810-1847

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Academic Coordinator


Bobby Culkin

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Athletic Coordinator


RJ Williams

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College Sports Coordinator


Coach Robbin Williams

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